View Ferry Prices for Palm Island

This service takes approximately 1 ½ hours travel time each way. For a current list of ferry departure times to Palm Island please refer to the timetable below.

Please ensure you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to boarding to ensure sufficient time to purchase tickets.

Updated 23rd October 2017

Palm Island

Nov 12 - Sun 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 13 - Mon 7.30am 9.30am
Nov 16 -Thurs 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 17 - Fri* 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 18 - Sat 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 19 - Sun 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 20 - Mon 7.30am 9.30am
Nov 23 - Thurs 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 24 - Fri 1.30pm 4.30pm
Nov 25 -Sat 12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 26 - Sun
12.00pm 2.00pm
Nov 27 - Mon 7.30am 9.30am
Nov 30 - Thurs 12.00pm 2.00pm
Palm Island
Dec 1Friday1.30pm4.30pm
Dec 2Saturday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 3
Dec 4Monday7.30am9.30am
Dec 7Thursday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 8Friday1.30pm4.30pm
Dec 9Saturday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 10Sunday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 11Monday7.30am9.30am
Dec 14Thursday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 15Friday1.30pm4.30pm
Dec 16Saturday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 17Sunday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 18Monday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 20*Wednesday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 21Thursday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 22*Friday8.30am11.00am
Dec 22*Friday2.30pm4.30pm
Dec 23Saturday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 24*Sunday11.30am2.30pm
Dec 24*Sunday11.30am
Dec 25MondayChristmas DayNo Service
Dec 26*Tuesday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 28Thursday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 29Friday1.30pm4.30pm
Dec 30Saturday12.00pm2.00pm
Dec 31Sunday12.00pm2.00pm

*These times are different to our standard timings

**Minimum Freight**

We  offer freight trolleys for $50 on our Monday morning service. Choose to travel home on Monday after a weekend on the mainland without the stress of an overcrowded freight area!


  • Please ensure that all freight items are checked in through the freight counter outside the Terminal.
  • Freight items do not include – prams, hand bags or back packs.
  • Each passenger is allowed up to FIVE items of freight as long as each item is less than 20kg.
  • These items must be assigned a freight sticker and will be carried free of charge.
  • Any excess freight (ie more than five items) will be charged at $7 per item.
  • All excess freight items over 20kg will be charged according to size and weight to a maximum of $15 per item.
  • The Master of the Vessel has the authority to deny freight if deemed excessive.
  • Hand Trolleys will not be permitted on board our Palm Island Vessel

The Palm Island Timetable recording is updated every Sunday or when the schedule has changed.

Please call 07 4726 0800 and press 2 to hear the latest timetable information.

Circumstances beyond our control may cause alterations to departure times without notice.