Emergency SMS Service

Palm Island Service update, 5th July 2021, 12.30pm

Please see below Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council update:

An extra ferry will be scheduled for Tuesday leaving at the usual time of 12 noon. This lets residents return and attend the vaccination clinic.

All residents are asked to be vaccinated prior to returning if possible, or attend the Primary Health Centre immediately upon their arrival and get vaccinated at the clinic on Palm between Tuesday and Thursday.

All other visitors are asked to respect the request of the Local Disaster Management Group to visit Palm only if they are vaccinated and travel is essential.

Everyone is welcome – once vaccinated.  This is at the request of the Palm Island Community. 

It is not compulsory, but as a matter of respect, we ask people to consider their need to travel until they are fully vaccinated.

Sign up using the contact form below and receive emergency communications by SMS from SeaLink North Queensland. The emergency SMS service will enable SeaLink North Queensland to instantly communicate important service messages to passengers, in particular Island residents through an SMS text.

Emergency messages could include such things as cancelled services due to extreme weather/cyclones, additional transfers and lengthy delays.

To sign up simply enter your first and last name & mobile number below.

Please note details provided outside of our terminal business hours will be processed the following day. Once you have signed up, your mobile number will be stored in a secure database. You will only be contacted through this SMS service for emergencies only.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee international numbers will receive our SMS communications. We recommend following our Facebook page & joining our mailing list for this information.

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