Latest information and requirements for travelling to and from Palm Island 

Travel process update As at 11.30 am 16 June 2020

Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council would like to reconfirm for residents that no forms are required for travel to or from Palm Island under the current arrangements.

Residents will be asked questions (Police are currently performing this task on behalf of Government) to ensure they are healthy and understand the declared travel zone is Townsville and Hinchinbrook only.

Residents are encouraged to travel with their ID.

Family visitors to the island MAY choose to complete a Remote Area Pass.  This would make travel even smoother as it answers the same questions that will be asked verbally as you board the Ferry, Plane or Barge.

It is a simple system to help everyone come and go easily and safely while we remain COVID-19 free, inside our Declared Travel Zone.

Please remember our transport providers are also coping with the changes to the new State based system and all involved are wanting to be supportive and helpful to residents and family.

Any teething problems will smooth out over the next few days.

If there are any glitches, please message Council or myself (FB or email) and we will work together to iron it out.

Council is always ready to assist or answer questions about the new State Government system as best we can.

A general reminder that proof of residency letter are available from Council if residents want one.

Essential Workers Information for Travel to and from Palm Island.

The process for essential workers remains as before with some administrative changes. These include the removal of the requirement for a biosecurity plan for essential workers if they are entering from the declared travelling zone.

A Communities Entry Pass (E pass) is required to enter a designated area described in Schedule 1 of the Restricted Access to Remote Communities Direction.  An E pass must be issued before travel and the bearer must carry evidence of their eligibility claimed in the issued pass when attempting to gain entry to a designated area.

Additional categories have been added to help return more services to the island.

For example, workers providing services necessary for the proper functioning of Palm Island including hospitality services, mechanical repairs and retail services are now permitted.

As are support services such as counselling and health services like speech pathology.