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Top 5 ways to spot whales near Townsville!

Humpback whales love playing in the warm water between the Great Barrier Reef and the Townsville coastline – and occasionally they’ll even venture in for a swim between Magnetic Island and the mainland!

July - September are prime time for whale watching and here are our top five ways you may spot a whale or two in North Queensland:

1.  SeaLink’s Island Highlights Cruise

This cruise takes you on a journey through the Palm Island group, stopping at some of the most beautiful spots in North Queensland to snorkel, lunch, and relax. For any serious ocean lovers, the Island Highlights Cruise is our top pick – as it is renowned for not just whale sightings, but turtles, dolphins, and even dugong if you’re lucky!

2.  Aquascene Charters around Magnetic Island

Our friends at Aquascene Charters have spotted quite a few aquatic friends breaching between Florence Bay and Radical Bay during their charters around Magnetic Island. Owners Adam and Stephanie have lived on Magnetic Island for more than 20 years, so they know the haunts and habits of the local wildlife to a tee.

Why not join Aquascene for a day of snorkelling, fishing and exploring Magnetic Island – you’re sure to experiences a trip filled with magical moments!

3.  Jetski Hire Magnetic Island’s up-close whale encounters

We love the heart-racing thrill of riding a jetski around the tropical paradise that is Magnetic Island – but we can guarantee your heart beats even faster when whales are sighted just a few metres from your ski! Check out this incredible footage that the team at Jetski Hire Magnetic Island caught in July! View the video here!

4.  SeaLink’s Palm Island Ferry

No one likes a delay in getting home – but there were no complaints when our Palm Island ferry was 30 minutes late thanks to a pod of whales partying between Townsville and Palm Island! For our lucky Palm Island commuters, this can be a regular occurrence during the cooler months.

If you’d like to see Palm Island for yourself why not check out the day tours we have available?

5.  Spot whales on your daily commute!

Some of the most regular whale sightings are by passengers on our Magnetic Island ferry to and from Townsville, with the best time to spot them being early mornings. Whale watching on the ferry is a breathtaking way to start the day, and for tourists can be just the beginning of a day full of animal experiences - Magnetic Island’s friendly population of koalas, rock wallabies, and more are all waiting to say hello once you arrive!

Even though we see whales every year, the thrill of seeing this animal in the flesh never wears off. While it’s a lot of fun seeing them and taking photos of them, make sure to keep a fair distance between you and the whales – we love our marine life and always respect them for letting us share their world.

Have you spotted whales off Townsville’s coast? We’d love to hear about it.