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Timetable Changes to Magnetic Island Ferry Service

In February and March this year SeaLink conducted two surveys on our Magnetic Island service to gather feedback on the current timetable from residents and regular travellers. As a result of the strong feedback, SeaLink will operate to a new timetable as of Monday the 13th of May 2019. We would like to thank all the respondents during our consultation period who provided valuable feedback to assist SeaLink with these changes. SeaLink has also worked closely with Sunbus and TransLink to ensure appropriate measures were taken to align bus and ferry services. Below are the following changes to the timetable for Magnetic Island:

From Magnetic Island:

  • Change to a 6:10am departure for the morning services from Magnetic Island that operates Monday to Saturdays.
    • This change was the result of 80% of survey respondents preferring the departure to leave at an earlier time of 6:10am. 
  • Change to a 6:00pm departure for the Monday to Friday service from Magnetic Island. 
    • This change is the result of the adjusted 5:25pm departure from Townsville.
  • Change to a 8:00pm and 10:00pm daily departure from Magnetic Island to Townsville on the evening service.
    • These departures have been adjusted as a result to the change to a 7:30pm service, and to maintain a meal break for vessel crew.

From Townsville: 

  • Change to a 5:25pm departure for the Monday to Friday afternoon service to Magnetic Island.
    • This change was also strongly supported with 80% of the people surveyed requesting this departure to move to a 5:25pm service. 
  • Change to a 7:30pm departure daily from Townsville to Magnetic Island evening service to better align with incoming passengers arriving on domestic flights into the region.
    • 82% of respondents were in favour of this change from initial feedback given in the first round of surveys.
  • Change to a 9:15pm daily departure from Townsville to Magnetic Island on the evening service.
    • This departure has been adjusted as a result to the change to a 7:30pm service.
New Magnetic Island Timetable

SeaLink would like to thank the community for their assistance and if you have any further feedback email us on [email protected]

Please also see the updated Sunbus schedule below effective from Monday the 13th May 2019.