40Hr Jammin 3

40 Hour Jammin comes to Magnetic Island - 40 hours, 5 stunning locations, 1 very worthy cause

Shenzo Gregorio is not one to do things by halves so when the acclaimed musician's mum was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease he knew exactly what to do to raise funds and awareness for the MND and Me Foundation Limited. 

Shenzo said, "today I make my living from performing music with a number of different groups and ensembles. My world came to a grinding halt in March of 2017 when the news of my mothers health took an unfortunate turn. My mother Justeen Gregory was struck down with Motor Neurone Disease, it came as quite a shock that my mentor and teacher of music from such a young age was now facing the biggest challenge of her life. 

For me I felt compelled to do something. I couldn't just witness a horrible disease take hold and bring untold suffering to my dear mother who had been such an inspiration in my early years, without such guidance I would've have become the musician I am today.

The 40 Hour Jammin in Brisbane - 2017

The 40 Hour Jammin in Brisbane - 2017

The goal is to reach $40 000, the original target set for the inaugural 40 hour Jammin in Brisbane in 2017. The current tally is just shy of $20 000. With expenses higher on this particular event we need to dig deep but I'm confident we can all get there. 

The 40 hour jammin will be happening across five stunning locations on beautiful Magnetic Island, starting at 8am on the 21st of April and running non stop till midnight on the 22nd of April. The cost is free, however we strongly encourage you to donate where possible."

Musicians wanting to jam, keep a close eye on the evolving program, or to be part of a more featured moment contact Shenzo Gregorio at [email protected] The event is a combination of programmed events and jamming with a good deal of flexibility factored in so that everyone feels welcomed.

Audiences we need you! Your presence will be what will make this event great. The event is not charging a cover charge to enter any of the planned events so please give cash where possible at any one of the donation points or buy a raffle ticket and be in the draw for some amazing prizes. 

CD's and T shirts will be for sale from the Artists involved but are only available at the Amaroo On Mandalay merchandise table.

For more information about The 40 Hour Jammin visit: www.the40hourjammin.com

If you can't travel to experience this awesome event, to donate to The 40 Hour Jammin visit: 40 Hour Jammin - Everydayhero