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SeaLink moves forward with MLP and Strand Terminal

SeaLink is very excited to be a lead partner in the development of a new tourism and transport development in Townsville.  We are working with Port of Townsville Limited and Townsville based developer, Honeycombe Property Group to build a new marine tourism precinct and Strand Integrated Coach and Ferry Terminal that provides more than $50 million in tourism infrastructure investment in Townsville.

The project which will be at SeaLink’s base at Breakwater Terminal in Townsville is within the Priority Development Area of Townsville and will open the door to future development opportunities along the waterfront areas of Townsville’s Ross Creek.

SeaLink is committed to the development of a sustainable and growing tourism industry in Townsville and our commitment recognised the long-term opportunity in the region.

SeaLink’s Managing Director, Jeff Ellison said “the Breakwater Terminal site and its ageing terminal and facilities would have required significant investment to facilitate further tourism growth.  The facilities are regularly at or over capacity, are poorly lit at night, with limited/no after-hours services being a major community safety concern.  The proposed Strand Terminal will welcome visitors at all times and be a great step off point for exploring the North Queensland Marine Park islands”.

Traffic on the Breakwater Terminal site, includes an estimated 1,000,000 passenger movements per annum, 120,000 car movements and 10,000 bus movements annually.  Mr Ellison added “traffic on the site is a high risk to our customers and SeaLink looks forward to working with the Port of Townsville and Honeycombe Property Group to build a new Strand Marine Precinct on the waterfront of the Ross Creek”.

In June 2016, SeaLink sought advice and meetings with Local Members, the Port of Townsville, the then Transport Minister, local MP for Townsville Scott Stewart MP and other departmental officers that led to the Government’s Market Led Proposal (MLP) process and a proposal was prepared and submitted to Queensland Treasury.

Mr Ellison added “the MLP process has enabled SeaLink to speak directly with key stakeholders across Government”.

SeaLink has already invested significantly in tourism product in the region and plans further investment, including an estimated $11 million to build the next generation of vessels to service North Queensland.