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Magnetic Island Ferry Fare Increase

Dear Residents and regular travelers between Magnetic Island and Townsville,

As of Monday the 20th May 2019 there will be a small increase in ferry fares between Townsville and Magnetic Island. This will be the first fare increase in 2½ years since November 2016 and is a result of increases in our business operating costs. These costs include Government Landing Fees, Port Lease fees, Government License fees, fuel, insurance, maintenance costs, contracted services and Wages.

Whilst SeaLink has been conscious of finding efficiencies and savings within our business to hold fares down, it is no longer able to absorb the escalating costs. The 50 cent increase per standard one way adult trip is significantly less than the accumulated CPI over the last 2½ years and the standard Adult return fare will now by $34.00.

We acknowledge the fare increase is necessary to ensure the ongoing investment into transport services, our vessels and supporting infrastructure. In the last two years we have completed major engine and gearbox rebuilds, replaced generators and have commenced a program of replacing seating tables and flooring to keep our fleet looking modern, comfortable and reliable.

SeaLink will continue to operate up to 18 services a day between Townsville and Magnetic Island and we will continue to offer a range of discounted tickets for our regular and local travelers. Frequent travelers still have access to a range of cost effective options that start at only $6.42 per trip on a six monthly unlimited travel ticket, while the popular Flexi ticket will become $10.80 per trip, a .30 cent increase. 

Travelers wishing to purchase Flexi tickets in advance of the increase will be welcome to do so.

Our $30 online Adult return fare, $76 Family Pass will remain unchanged and we will also continue to offer a range of Special fares that run over the School Holiday periods.

The table below provides a breakdown of the fare increases. For our regular service users there are a range of cost effective options to choose from. These include unlimited travel on weekly, monthly and 6 monthly tickets for frequent travelers.

The new fares will take effect on Monday the 20th of May 2019.

Magnetic Island Fare Increases 2019

Please note if you would like to provide feedback on the above fares, please complete a feedback form on board our vessels or email on [email protected] .