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**Monday 28th February 2022:  Magnetic Island Fare Update**

Fare Increase effective from Friday 18th of March 2022.

Dear Residents and regular travelers between Magnetic Island and Townsville, 

As of 18th March 2022, there will be a small increase in ferry fares between Townsville and Magnetic Island as a direct result of rising business operating costs including, license and lease fees and most significantly the increases in fuel, insurance and labour costs. The fare increase will be the first increase since May 2019.

Whilst SeaLink has been conscious of finding efficiencies and savings within our business to limit fare increases, we are no longer able to absorb these escalating operating costs. The standard adult return trip fare will increase by $2 to $36.00, which is less than the accumulated CPI over the last 2½ years.

Regular commuters, residents and frequent travelers will still have access to a range of cost-effective options that start at only $6.84 per trip on a resident six-monthly unlimited travel pass. Monthly resident unlimited travel passes will now be $7.50 per trip which is a 60% saving on the standard Adult one way fare.

SeaLink remains focused on providing the most reliable and highest-quality passenger service and this includes investing in the build of a new generation Magnetic Island Ferry Vessel, which we will welcome into our service later in 2022 for customers to enjoy.

The table below provides a breakdown of the fare increases. For our regular service users there are a range of cost-effective options to choose from. These include unlimited travel on weekly, monthly, and 6-monthly tickets for frequent travelers.

The new fares will take effect on 18th March 2022.

Thank you for your continued support.

Pricing from Monday 18th March 2022.

Type of TicketCurrent Ticket PriceNew Ticket PriceIncrease per ticketCurrent Cost Per One Way ServiceNew Cost per One Way ServiceIncrease Per One Way Service
Adult Flexi (10 Trips)$108.00$115.00$7.00$10.80$11.50$0.70
Child Flexi, 5-14 years (10 Trips)$54.00$57.50$3.50$5.40$5.75$0.35
Concession Flexi (10 Trips)$54.00$57.50$3.50$5.40$5.75$0.35
Student Flexi$72.00$76.50$4.50$7.20$7.65$0.45
Adult Single$17.50$18.70$1.20$17.50$18.70$1.20
Child Single (5-14 years)$8.70$9.30$0.60$8.70$9.30$0.60
Concession Single$8.70$9.30$0.60$8.70$9.30$0.60
Student Single$11.50$12.30$0.80$11.50$12.30$0.80
Adult Return - Online Price$32.00$34.00$2.00$16.00$17.00$1.00
Adult Return$34.00$36.00$2.00$17.00$18.00$1.00
Child Return (5-14 years)$17.00$18.00$1.00$8.50$9.00$0.50
Concession Return$17.00$18.00$1.00$8.50$9.00$0.50
Student Return$22.50$24.00$1.50$11.25$12.00$0.75
Family Return (2 Adults + 3 Children)$79.50$79.50$0.00$39.75$39.75$0.00
Weekly (7 days, unlimited trips)$98.00$104.50$6.50$7.00$7.46$0.46
Monthly (30 days, unlimited trips)$338.00$360.00$22.00$7.04$7.50$0.46
Six Monthly (180 days, unlimited trips)$1,850.00$1,970.00$120.00$6.42$6.84$0.42
Primary Student - 1 Month $121.50$128.50$7.00$2.53$2.68$0.15
Primary Student - 3 Months $355.00$376.00$21.00$2.47$2.61$0.15
Primary Student - 6 Months $685.00$725.50$40.50$2.38$2.52$0.14

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