Emergency SMS Service Magnetic & Palm Island

**COVID TRAVEL UPDATE, FRIDAY 17th December 2021**

From 1am Saturday Morning the 18th of December 2021, it's mandatory to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport including; Ferries, Terminals, Waiting Areas and while queuing. 

Your face mask needs to cover your mouth and nose and must be worn unless you're under 12 years of age or have a medical condition. 

You must wear your mask as soon as you enter the Breakwater & Nelly Bay Terminal’s, during boarding, queuing and while transiting  on our vessels.

Please ensure you’re aware of all the latest  Queensland Health requirements on mask wearing at this link: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/urgent-covid-19-update

**Passenger Update – SeaLink North Queensland Ferry Operations Covid-19 Requirements**

As of 5am this Friday the 17th of December 2021, the Public Health and Social measures linked to vaccination status will come into effect. For more information on this direction go to the Queensland Government Covid-19 link here.

What does this mean for you when you travel to Magnetic Island and Palm Island?

  • SeaLink will continue to operate under the Queensland Public Transport Covid-19 Plan which will continue to provide Safe and Responsible travel for everyone.
  • You will now be required to check in once onboard our vessels with the Check In QLD App for your trips to either Magnetic Island or Palm Island. Each vessel has their own unique QR Code, and our staff will remind you to check in once on board.
  • Please treat our crew with respect, as they are working to help keep you safe, so please always follow their instructions.
  • Continue to maintain good hand hygiene, hand sanitizer is available for your convenience.
  • If you are feeling unwell with Covid (flu-like) symptoms, please stay home and get tested.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in and around the terminals and on board our vessels. (As of 1am Saturday 18th of December 2021).

Vaccination Status?

  • SeaLink North Queensland is providing public transport services to Magnetic Island and Palm Island, so passengers are not required to be vaccinated to travel on board our public ferry services.

What is the team at SeaLink North Queensland Doing?

  • All staff are required to declare their health and fitness status prior to starting shift, with vessel crew also Checking in via vessel QR codes.
  • All staff are trained and comply with our internal procedures to ensure a high standard of service, cleanliness and hygiene is maintained for our terminal and vessels.
  • It is mandatory for staff to wear a mask in and around the terminals and on board our vessels. (As of 1am Saturday 18th of December 2021).
  • All staff at SeaLink have been encouraged to get vaccinated due to the nature of our business.

Updated - 17th December 2021. 

Please refer to the Qld Health website for the most up to date information https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/government-actions/roadmap-to-easing-queenslands-restrictions

Passengers are also reminded to ensure you check in to both the terminals and vessels using the QLD CheckIn App.

As SeaLink operates under The Queensland Government COVID Safe Public Transport Plan, when travelling with us as per government advice, it is important to continue to do your part by exercising good personal hygiene, wherever possible leave a gap between yourself and other passengers, avoid peak services times and crowded areas and stay home if you are unwell. 

Sign up using the contact form below and receive emergency communications by SMS from SeaLink North Queensland. The emergency SMS service will enable SeaLink North Queensland to instantly communicate important service messages to passengers, in particular Island residents through an SMS text.

Emergency messages could include such things as cancelled services due to extreme weather/cyclones, additional transfers and lengthy delays.

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