For those that enjoy discovering nature on foot the Island offers an extensive 25km network of walking trails that guide visitors through thick bushland, ranging from dry wattles and the beautiful barks of eucalypts to pockets of rainforest. Along the way discover many lookout points boasting fantastic views of the surrounding bays and beaches. The most famous and popular trail of them all is the Forts Walk which is roughly a 90 minute return walk and is the best place on the island to see Northern Australia's largest population of koalas in the wild. The Forts Walk offers magical 360 degree views of the coast and Coral Sea.   It is here that you will also discover fascinating WWII history with a number of gun emplacements, an observation tower and a command post still in tack. 

For a more up close and personal encounter with the native wildlife Bungalow Bay Koala Village offers an amazing experience with some of Australia's favorite wildlife such as crocodiles, lizards, snakes and of course koalas. It's their champagne breakfasts with the koalas though that is an experience not to be missed.

Arthur Bay LookoutThe Forts WalkSleeping Koala on the Forts Walk

Walking Tracks

Hawkings Point track - 1.2km return (1 hour) Grade: Easy
From Picnic Bay, a track winds to the top of a large boulder, affording views over the island to Nelly and Geoffrey Bays and back towards Townsville.

Picnic Bay to West Point - 16km return (5 hours) Grade: Easy
This walk follows a bush track that links the bays on the western side of the island. The track passes a tidal wetland, mangroves, paperbark swamps and savanna grasslands.

Nelly Bay to Arcadia - 5km one way (2.5 hours) Grade: Moderate
From Nelly Bay, this walk passes through a rainforest pocket, climbs gradually to the saddle between Nelly and Horseshoe Bays and follows a ridge with views over Horseshoe Bay. The track then branches, with one track leading on to Horseshoe Bay, where you can continue on to other tracks, and the other to Arcadia Bay.

The Forts walk - 4km return (1.5 hours) Grade: Moderate
From the turn-off to Radical Bay, this track ascends, sometimes steeply, to follow a ridge behind the bays before arriving at the ruins of the Forts complex operated during World War II. Lookouts afford excellent views to the Palm Island Group in the north and Bowling Green Bay National Park in the south.

Arthur, Florence and Radical Bays - 1.4km-6km return (30 minutes-2 hours) Grade: Easy
From the Forts car park on the Horseshoe Bay Road, an easy track leads down to these undeveloped bays which provide excellent swimming and snorkelling.

  • Arthur Bay walk - 1.4km return (30 minutes)
  • Florence Bay walk - 3.6km return (1 hour)
  • Radical Bay walk - 6km return (2 hours)

Horseshoe Bay Lagoon - 200m return (15 minutes)
Leading off the main road near Horseshoe Bay beach, a short track leads to the lagoon where a number of waterbirds can be seen.

Horseshoe Bay Road to Balding and Radical Bays - 3.4km return (1 hour) Grade: Moderate
From the eastern end of Horseshoe Bay beach, the track climbs through a steep gully of closed forest to a ridge with open eucalypt woodland. One branch of the track leads down to the secluded Balding Bay and the other continues on to Radical Bay. Both bays are good places for a swim.

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